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Sell Your House Today! We Buy Homes in Any Situation!

Why Work With Us?


Hassle Free

We're specialists in solving real estate problems and making it easy. We do dozens of deals each year



In times when there's a realtor involved...we will even pay their commission to save their clients money! 

Lots of Options


We have half a dozen exit strategies to help people...we come to the table to let them know their best option


We can close in as fast as 14 days as long as title is clear. We can also have a very long closing to give people as much time if needed...their choice!

Get In Contact Today!

Start below by providing us your name, phone, and email address. Please reach out and we will be in touch shortly.

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Closing Time

Why Should Agents Work With Us?



We've done dozens and dozens of deals with agents in all kinds of tricky situations, (foreclosures, probates, evictions, post occupancies, divorce, etc.) and can help you get the deal closed.



We provide competitive offers for your outdated properties. No appraisal contingencies and no finance contingencies. Also, because we have the funds set aside, we can close when your client is ready!



We are comfortable going into transactions unrepresented, allowing you to save your clients money, and possibly take home higher commissions! We are also willing to pay your commission to keep costs low for the seller!



We understand every seller situation is unique, which is why we pride ourselves in helping the seller when we can. We've covered closing costs, helped with junk removal, assisted with moving costs, found senior housing for the elderly, etc. 

Curious to See if We Are a Fit?...Get in Touch Today


Situations We Specialize In:

Our surplus of strategies provides a convenient solution that helps people have access to their equity

  • Outdated Properties

  • Inherited/Probate

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Financial Distress

  • Quick Relocation

  • Unwanted Rentals

  • Problem Tenants

  • On or Off Market

  • Tax Delinquency

  • Barely Any Equity

  • Foreclosure

  • Full of Items

  • Plus More!

Leverage Our Network:

We've been in business for several years. With the amount of experience under our belt, we have a large network of local investors. In our first 2 years in business, we also partnered with local investors on over 40 projects. With that said...they are always wanting more properties to purchase! So for whatever reason you don't like our offer, we can shop your property to our trusted partners to see who would pay the most off market. Ultimately, we are here for all exit strategies to see how we can put the most money in our client's pocket!​


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© 2024 All Rights Reserved - Delta Solutions LLC

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