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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How fast can you close?

A: Typically 14 days. We can close sooner if title is clear. We can also close as slow as you like...we've waited over 1 year for closings!

Q: What can you offer us?

A: That depends...we run our numbers based off of several factors such as condition of the property, location, the state of the market, etc. Since we have so many exit strategies as well, we have even overpaid for properties before! So the more info you give us, the better we can help you and tell you your options!

Q: How many years have you been in business?

A: As a collective company, we have been in business for over a decade. We have experience in construction, property managements and lead generation. Together, we have combined our skills to serve sellers and agents everyday.

Q: Why do you prefer off market?

A: We have a dedicated team that scours the market every morning, afternoon, and evening and makes offers on anything of interest. Odds are, if it is listed, we've already made an offer on it, if it interests us.

Q: What sets your company apart?

A: We solve problems. We aren't a 1 trick pony, we have multiple tools in our tool box. We have talked to banks to stop foreclosures, we have done rent back scenarios to let the sellers stay in their homes after closing, we have paid for costs such as moving and junk removal if the seller can't afford it, and plenty of times we have paid more money for properties than they would get on the market. If sellers don't have a lot of equity, we have lots of creative options to help them out (which very few investors even know is possible). Through our creative real estate investment strategies, we come to the table with options for our clients.

Q: What is your budget?

A: We have a wildly expansive network of private equity partners that allow us to consistently be in a position to spend $2M+ per month.

Q: As an agent, will you relist with me if you flip it?

A: Yes! We do. Our goal is long term relationships where you can continually rely on us to service your clients. We know that in order to do that, you have to feel comfortable with us and enjoy it! So we are dedicated to taking care of anyone we work with, and relisting is certainly one of the ways we do that. 

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