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Our Mission Statement:

"Helping sellers & agents 1 house at a time"

Our entire business has been developed to help a homeowner in need. How we help homeowners speaks for itself. But how we help agents is even more impactful. Sellers often call real estate agents in guidance for help...and sometimes the agents need help themselves. We are your resource. We are here as a service to help you better serve your clients and be the buyer that comes to the table with options. We also have a creative financing section of our company for how we are able to help sellers in tough situations and still give them a full priced offer. We come with options for our clients and serve the community 1 house at a time.


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Seller Story

The home on this page was a property that we helped an elderly lady get out of. She was living there for 30+ years and the property had become very worn down. Everything was outdated and things were broken for a long time. It was too much to repair. On the inside, it was also a hoarder situation that required several dumpsters full of items.

Her situation was that she was not able to get into senior housing. She had lived there a longtime, and was even starting to have health issues because of the unhealthy condition. But the reason she hadn’t moved was because she was so overwhelmed with being able to find a place and also move her items without anything getting wrecked. Her mobility also made it strenuous.

So we made the sale contingent upon her finding a place to live. We also promised to get her onto the next stage of her life. Within 30 days, we found her a spot at a 55+ community that allowed her to have a dog and make some friends. We helped her sign her lease, we paid for her junk removal, assisted with moving costs, and gave her over $120,000 in her pocket at closing.

How the Process Works


Shoot Us a Text

Tell us what's going on! Send us all the details for what you/your client are looking for

We Give You Our Advice


We tell your our verbal opinion on what option may best suit the client given their intentions with the sale

We See the Property


If you like what we say, all we need is 1 look at the home and we are all set for closing!

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© 2024 All Rights Reserved - Skyline Investment Holdings LLC

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